String Bikini

A string bikini is the ultimate sexy swimwear for an afternoon at the beach, or just lounging around your own pool or backyard.  This revealing cut leaves little to the imagination which makes it an attention-getter regardless of where you wear it.  If you have the physique and gumption to wear a truly telling bikini, this is the one for you!

String Bikini

A string bikini can encompass a few different cuts which means they offer a little more or less on the coverage scale, too.  Starting with the smallest, we have the g-string or t-back thong bikini.  These bikini bottoms are cut much the same, with a small triangle of fabric covering just the essentials in the front and string sides connecting it around to the back.  The back of a g-string has an even smaller triangle of fabric at the top center, while a t-back is just one string running down the back center.

If you are not too sure about a thong but you still want a string bikini, there are other cuts you can try.  One of the most widely seen is the standard bikini bottom with a full coverage front and string sides connecting around to a slightly more revealing cut in the back.  While the back may be considered full coverage, keep in mind the naturally revealing nature of the string sides.  It will definitely reveal more than your average full coverage bottom.

String bikini bottoms are most often paired up with a classic triangle cut top that ties around the neck and the back to fully complete the stringed look.  Another top along the same lines is the butterfly top which is unique because it can either be tied around the neck, or both strings tied around the back for a strapless look which makes this pairing perfect for working on your tan without worrying about those pesky tan lines.

There are quite a few options out there in the string variety, so if you’ve made up your mind that you want a sexier look this summer, this is one style that you should definitely explore.